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The Splat: Nickelodeon’s All-90s Channel Has a Name

by Joseph
The Splat

The Splat

A couple weeks ago it came out that Nickelodeon was planning to go elbows-deep in their legendary 1990s back catalog to develop new versions of old shows. If you were worried that this meant the original shows were going to be neglected, it was all for naught – it’s recently come out that a spinoff channel devoted exclusively to Nickelodeon’s 90s programming is coming soon, and it’s called The Splat.

The Splat gets its name from the iconic Nickelodeon logo, and for its programming it’ll plumb the depths of the famous 90s Nicktoons line – Doug, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, and many more. There’s no premiere date as of yet, but the channel does already have the usual array of social media presences, and more information should be here soon.

You can find all of The Splat’s social media stuff at the channel’s website right here. And the channel should be coming to a TV set near you sometime soon, especially if you were born between the years 1978 and 1992.

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