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‘The Sopranos’ Title Sequence Recreated in ‘GTA V’ (Video)

by Joseph
GTAV The Sopranos

GTAV The Sopranos

The HBO series The Sopranos is one of the cornerstones of modern gangster mythology, as much so as any gangster movie like The Godfather or Scarface. Almost as iconic is its title sequence, featuring Tony Soprano driving through New Jersey as “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3 plays in the background. Now, that title sequence has been re-interpreted by YouTube’s 8-Bit Bastard using characters and settings from Grand Theft Auto V.

The Grand Theft Auto V version of The Sopranos‘ title sequence is a meticulous imitation of the original, but with the game’s Michael De Santa filling in for James Gandolfini. It works surprisingly well.

You can see how well by checking out The Sopranos mashed up with Grand Theft Auto V in the video below. And for more from 8-Bit Bastard, check out the YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

And in case you haven’t watched The Sopranos in a while (or you just want to see an awesome title sequence) here’s the original:

They match up pretty well, right?


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