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‘The Sneaker Game’: The Preferred Party Game for Sneakerheads

by Joseph
The Sneaker Game

The Sneaker Game

If you’re an obsessive sneaker collector it is exceedingly likely that you weren’t able to have developed the skill sets necessary to consistently defeat your family and friends in traditional party games. Luckily, the people at Sneakerness are hard at work on an alternative that you will be able to dominate in – The Sneaker Game.

The Sneaker Game is a memory-based card game that involves matching sneakers to their identical counterparts, as well as answering sneaker trivia questions.  In other words, the perfect game to humiliate your loved ones for their lack of sneaker knowledge and awareness.

Unfortunately, The Sneaker Game is in its crowdfunding phase and won’t be ready in time for this holiday season.  But if its Kickstarter page here is a success, the first copies of the game should begin shipping out in February of next year. It has a month and a half and a lot of money left to go, so check it out if you want to win something for a change.

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