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The Smokey Bear Watch From Filson

by Joseph
The Smokey Bear Watch

The Smokey Bear Watch

Smokey Bear has to rank as one of the top five most iconic bears of all time, after Yogi Bear and, collectively, the Care Bears. Now he’s getting into the timepiece game with watch brand Filson, a natural fit with Smokey thanks to its popularity with time-telling outdoorsmen of all types. It’s The Smokey Bear Watch.

The Smokey Bear Watch is also a specialty collectors’ item, though, released in a limited edition of 1,000 individually-numbered pieces that will come “with a collection of Smokey Bear goods,” a certificate of authenticity, and a book about Smokey Bear and Filson’s respective storied histories.

You can see how handsome the whole spread is at the photo up at the top, and if you long to see such a display in your own weirdly forest-fire-conscious home, you can order The Smokey Bear Watch from Filson’s online store here, where they’re priced at a thousand dollars a pop.

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