Home Entertainment ‘The Simpsons’/’Family Guy’ Crossover Gets Trailer (Video)

‘The Simpsons’/’Family Guy’ Crossover Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
The Simpsons Guy Trailer

The Simpsons Guy Trailer

The relationship between The Simpsons and Family Guy has evolved quite a bit over the years, from a virtual feud between the two programs to now, when a crossover between the two has been announced. And even though “The Simpsons Guy” won’t air on TV until late September, Fox has released a lengthy trailer for the event at San Diego Comic-Con that might stoke your interest/confirm your greatest fears.

The crossover features Family Guy‘s Griffin family stumbling upon the town of Springfield and hanging out with the yellow family that inspired them. The trailer, naturally, focuses on Peter spending time with Homer, and Stewie meeting Bart. But presumably there will be all kinds of cross-pollination between the two franchises happening during the episode (which will be a Family Guy ep, not The Simpsons).

You can watch the trailer for The Simpsons / Family Guy crossover, appropriately called “The Simpsons Guy,” below.

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