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‘The Rise of Graffiti Writing’ Documentary (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Rise of Graffiti Writing

The Rise of Graffiti Writing

A wise person once said that your bombstyle determines your tagstyle. Actually, no one ever said that, but it seemed like a good opening like for an article about a new documentary series about the art form of graffiti writing throughout the last few decades called The Rise of Graffiti Writing.

Covering the work of luminaries like LEE, SKEME, Futura 2000, the TATS CRU, and FAB5FREDDY, and its eventual propulsion across the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe, The Rise of Graffiti Writing, a trailer for which is now online. And for those of you who require an additional shot of intrigue in order to be interested in a documentary on this subject – Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, who many believe to be the artist known as Bansky, appears in the film as well.

Check out the trailer for The Rise of Graffiti Writing below, and watch the Arte Creative site here for the series premiere on November 13th.


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