Home Tech & Gear “The Rack Pack”: $100 Bill Rolling Paper From Cartel

“The Rack Pack”: $100 Bill Rolling Paper From Cartel

by Joseph
The Rack Pack

The Rack Pack

Today is 4/20, otherwise known as International Smoke Weed Every Day Day, so it would be a tragedy if we didn’t bring you at least one Mary Jane related product or story. And this one is pretty cool – it’s called “The Rack Pack,” a set of rolling papers from Cartel Papers printed by hand to look just like real $100 bills.

In addition to the fantasy luxury of The Rack Pack, there’s also some real-life opulence to enjoy, in the form of its Italian silk paper materials along with a bit of organic honey. It’s still a lot cheaper than actually burning hundred-dollar bills – we’re not all James Cameron, after all.

Quantities of The Rack Pack $100 bill rolling papers are limited, so if you want to add them to your legally-available-in-your-state experience, head over to Cartel Papers here to snag a set of 10 for $55. Just don’t get so high that you try to spend them like money, that would be pretty embarrassing.

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