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‘The Purple Boys’: Tim and Eric Sell Purple Mattresses

by Joseph
The Purple Boys

The Purple Boys

Back in the old days, you were considered a sellout in comedy if you did commercials. But Tim and Eric discovered long ago that a better approach is to take the money for doing commercials, but make those commercials as weird as possible. The latest example comes from mattress brand Purple, which has enlisted Tim and Eric as The Purple Boys. 

The Purple Boys are Geno and Quirky Purple, who have made it their life’s work — nay, their life’s mission — to fight off what they call the Sunday Scaries. In episode one “The Purple Boys, Geno and Quirky, take you through their ideal sleep solutions and zonk strategies that will help you beat the Sunday Scaries.” While in the latest installment of this saga, “It’s sleep intervention time for Mr. Joe Dunder. Watch the Purple Boys work their purpley magic with glam pics galore.”

There are four episodes of The Purple Boys left, and luckily you can sign up for email reminders for when the weekly episodes drop as well as see the first two episodes right here, just in case you’re not in the habit of checking a mattress website once a week. Say “no no” to the Sunday Scarno-nos.


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