Home Entertainment ‘The Punisher’: Upcoming Marvel/Netflix Series Gets Full Trailer (Video)

‘The Punisher’: Upcoming Marvel/Netflix Series Gets Full Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
The Punisher

The Punisher

Followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even just casual viewers of Daredevil on Netflix, probably won’t be surprised to hear that a series was on the way for the inexplicably popular character Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. But even though news of the series has been on the street for a while now, we’re only just now getting a full, official trailer for the series.

Netflix’s Marvel fare has been in part characterized by its extremely violent escalating bloodbaths, so if The Punisher is really going to up that ante it’s going to need to be pretty gosh darn brutal. The trailer gives you a taste of that, as well as who The Punisher is, and how he came to be. And the whole thing is soundtracked by Metallica, of course:


One thing the trailer for The Punisher does not have is a release date, so stay tuned to find out exactly when this show is coming to Netflix. In the meantime, the 2004 big screen version of The Punisher is currently on Netflix, so why not give it the proverbial shot?

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