Home Entertainment ‘The Punisher’ from Marvel and Netflix Gets First Teaser (Video)

‘The Punisher’ from Marvel and Netflix Gets First Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
The Punisher

The Punisher

As a general optimist I have to acknowledge the possibility that Frank Castle‘s peak of popularity might be ahead of him – but as a realist I also have the right to acknowledge that in all likelihood that peak was sometime in the early to mid 90s, whenever his skull logo t-shirts hit the mainstream. Still, Netflix seems to have a good thing going with their own tributary to the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s more brightly colored river, and today they released a teaser for the newest installment: The Punisher.

I haven’t watched The Defenders yet, so I can’t comment on how The Punisher might fit into its continuity, or whether or not Castle makes an appearance on that show. But the teaser promises plenty of violence, so I guess that’s really all that matters:


Who will The Punisher punish on The Punisher? Tune into your closest available Netflix account later this year to find out.

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