Home Entertainment ‘The Punisher’: ‘Daredevil’ Spin-Off Series Confirmed by Netflix (Video)

‘The Punisher’: ‘Daredevil’ Spin-Off Series Confirmed by Netflix (Video)

by Joseph
The Punisher

The Punisher

The most recent season of Daredevil introduced a few new characters to the mix, and one of them is a gun-toting maniac/vigilante named Frank Castle, alias The Punisher. Seeing as how Castle has been a popular character for decades, inspiring three big-screen adaptations of his own over the years, it seems obvious that a spin-off series would be in the cards.  But the news was only recently confirmed by Netflix, which recently posted a teaser for the series on Twitter:

Full details on The Punisher, as in when it will hit Netflix, who the villains will be (other than Castle, I mean), or how it will fit into Netflix and Marvel’s The Defenders project are still to come. But if you’re a Marvel fan, you will undoubtedly hear lots about the show in advance of it eventual release date, and in the meantime you can check out the character’s official Marvel site here.

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