Home Entertainment ‘The President Show’: You-Know-Who Now Has a Comedy Central Series (Video)

‘The President Show’: You-Know-Who Now Has a Comedy Central Series (Video)

by Joseph
The President Show

The President Show

Nobody thought he would run for president, so he ran for president. Nobody thought he would last through the first primary, and he made it to Iowa. Nobody thought he would be nominated, and he secured the Republican nomination. Nobody thought he’d be president, and now he’s president. So if you think it’s impossible that Donald Trump would also host his own late night talk show on Comedy Central, well, who are you to say he can’t host The President Show too?

Lots of people have tried to impersonate DT since his presidential candidacy, but nobody does it like Anthony Atamanuik, a comedian who is now doomed to be associated with Trump for the rest of his career. Which means no one can blame him for signing on to The President Show, a teaser for which recently grabbed the hearts of viewers all over the world:

The President Show premieres on Comedy Central on April 27th, in the meantime, you can get whatever leaked information you can at the show’s official site here.

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