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The Polo Bar: Ralph Lauren Opens First NYC Restaurant (Photos)

by Joseph
The Polo Bar

In addition to being a fashion mogul, Ralph Lauren is also a restauranteur. But before recently, restaurant capitol of the world New York City was not part of his purview in this arena – until, that is, the opening of his new restaurant The Polo Bar.

Ralph Lauren fans will recognize the stylistic similarities between his fashion brand and the aesthetic and general vibe of The Polo Bar, with its classy-yet-casual atmosphere and back-to-basics menu, which includes burgers, steaks (sourced, when possible, from Lauren’s Colorado cattle ranch), crab cakes, corned beef sandwiches, and other favorites. The atmosphere of the place is meant to recall classic clubs of New York and other cities’ past, while retaining a singularity of its own. Since it just opened today, we’ll soon know if it succeeded.

If you’re not going to be in New York to try Ralph Lauren’s The Polo Bar any time soon, you can still check out some photos of the place in the gallery below. And for more information on the restaurant, check out the official Ralph Lauren website here.

Here’s the gallery:

The Polo BarThe Polo BarThe Polo BarThe Polo BarThe Polo Bar

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