Home Style ‘The Players Shirt’ From Criquet Has a Removable Collar Stay (Video)

‘The Players Shirt’ From Criquet Has a Removable Collar Stay (Video)

by Joseph
The Players Shirt

The Players Shirt

One day, scientists may invent a collar that doesn’t get wrinkled or wavy after a spin in the washing machine, but until that happens Criquet’s The Players Shirt is going to have to do. It sidesteps the condition known as “bacon collar” with a removable collar stay that can keep it looking fresh and crisp no matter what it goes through.

The Players Shirt’s removable collar stay is really just a gimmick, though, albeit a highly functional one—even without it, these shirts would be high quality stuff, comfortable, durable, and inspired by the classic golf fashions of yesteryear. You can wear it anywhere you’d feel comfortable in a polo, though, and thanks to the premium materials and tailoring in each shirt, you’ll feel physically comfortable as well.

If you’ve read enough of my yammering about The Players Shirt, you can watch the guys who actually made it yammer about it in the video below (and see how those collar stays work). And if you’re in the market for a new polo shirt or 3, you can shop all the different available color choices at the Criquet online store here.

Here’s the video:

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