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‘The Pizza Book’ by Aaron Quint and Michael Bernstein

by Joseph
The Pizza Book

The Pizza Book

I’m writing this on the day before Thanksgiving, which I heard on the radio several years ago is the single most popular day for pizza deliveries in the United States, a fact which I’ve repeated as gospel ever since. But even on today, this most holiest of pizza days, we should take the time to remember there’s more to pizza than just dialing up a large two-topping with your phone. And The Pizza Book will show you how to make your own perfect pie.

The Pizza Book‘s authors Aaron Quint and Michael Bernstein reportedly spent more than ten years perfecting the book’s centerpiece: A recipe for the perfect homemade pizza dough. But the book contains a lot of other helpful recipes, a toppings glossary, and recommendations for beverage pairings.

The print edition of The Pizza Book won’t be available until next year, so your local pizzeria is safe for now at least. But in the meantime you can pre-order your copy and get a lot more information on the book at its Kickstarter page right here.

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