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The Piston Keychain: Inspired by 2000 Ferrari Formula 1 Piston

by Joseph
The Piston Keychain

The Piston Keychain

The Discommon Goods gang have whipped up another cool item, this one a keychain that’s designed as a direct homage to the 2000 Ferrari Formula 1. It’s called The Piston Keychain, because it’s meant to serve as a visual replica of the pistons found in that automobile’s engine in addition to a place to keep all your keys.

And this isn’t some half-baked shout-out either. The Piston Keychain is meticulously crafted based on intensive 3D scans of the real thing, made from cast silver and a carbon con rod. Even the Discommon Goods people themselves admit “we had no idea such a small piece could be so complicated to develop,” and processes as varied as laser welding, lost wax casting, oxidizing, engraving, grinding, buffing, forging, and polishing all went into the keychain that’s only about an inch long.

That means The Piston Keychain doesn’t come cheap—$450 to be exact. But it’s also a much higher-quality and more thoughtfully crafted keychain than the usual by several orders of magnitude, and if you’re a moneyed Ferrari fan it might prove indispensable. For more info or to make a purchase, head over to the Discommon Goods online store here.

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