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‘The Path’: Hulu Original Series Stars Aaron Paul (Video)

by Joseph
The Path

The Path

Unless you were one of the select few who went to go see Need for Speed, you’ve probably been jonesing for some Aaron Paul in your life since the end of Breaking Bad, especially with Better Call Saul back on the air. Good news, then — a trailer for the Paul-starring Hulu original series The Path is now online.

The plot of The Path deals with Paul’s character getting ensnared in some kind of freaky outdoor religious cult a la the Manson family or Martha Marcy May Marlene, which means he’s playing yet another character who gets manipulated by an older, paternalistic bully. Michelle Monaghan plays his wife, who probably says stuff like “you love your cult more than you love me,” you know.

The trailer for The Path, at a healthy two minutes, can be seen below. To watch the entire ten-episode series, hit up your nearest participating Hulu account on March 30th.

Here’s the trailer:


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