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‘The Other Side’: Honda’s Interactive Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
The Other Side Honda Ad

The Other Side Honda Ad

This year sees the unveiling of two connected but distinct Honda vehicles: The 2015 Honda Civic and the 2015 Honda Type R. The Civic is the more practical car, while the Type R is more adventurous and perhaps even dangerous (in the safe, exciting way, of course). This dichotomy is explored in very striking fashion in The Other Side, a very cool interactive ad experience from Honda.

Basically, the concept of The Other Side goes like this: Two different (or ARE they?) realities, one with a guy driving his kids to school in the Honda Civic, and the other one with the same guy picking up a couple of criminals in his Honda Type R after a robbery and driving them away from the hands of the police. The cool part of The Other Side is that the viewer can switch between these realities by pressing and holding the “R” key, and ultimately see how they connect to one another.

The Other Side can be watched (or “experienced”) at HondaTheOtherSide.com here. But if my gushing about how cool it is doesn’t convince you, you can also watch a short trailer for it below.


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