Home Entertainment ‘The Orville’: Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Star Trek’ Spoof Gets Trailer (Video)

‘The Orville’: Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Star Trek’ Spoof Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
The Orville

The Orville

I’m still working on processing this, but I’ve seen the trailer for The Orville, the upcoming Fox Star Trek spoof created by and starring Seth MacFarlane, and despite the fact that I’ve been over Family Guy since I turned 16 it actually … looks … kind of … good?

Part of the reason The Orville looks promising is that it seems to be crafted with some level of sincerity, contrary to Family Guy‘s specialty of smug, meaningless gags. And as a Star Trek parody it also follows the Mel Brooks rule of making your spoof look like the thing it’s making fun of, so the visual effects seem to be top notch – also, Norm Macdonald is involved.

Watch the trailer for The Orville, which seems to be somewhat polarizing according to the YouTube comments, which in turn absolutely no one should ever read, below. A premiere date is still to come, so stay tuned to the Fox YouTube channel here for more.

Here’s the trailer:


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