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The Orsos Floating Island

by Joseph

Orsos Floating Island

Sick of the daily grind? Tired of the rat race? Done with not living on your own floating island? Well then here’s a product for you: It’s called the Orsos Floating Island. The price is still being determined, but it will give you, 11 friends, and 4 household staff members a place to dwell in complete luxury, floating out in the middle of the sea.

As for the obvious problem of generating energy out at sea, the Orsos has this covered, as much of the 20m² surface area is outfitted with photovoltaics for collecting solar power.  And noiseless wind turbines are posted throughout the island as well.

Its less responsible but more enjoyable features include a bar, a BBQ, a jacuzzi, and storage for watersports equipment. And we shouldn’t forget to mention the six luxury suites!

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