Home Entertainment The Only Green by Brunswick: “The Most Realistic Putting Green” (Video)

The Only Green by Brunswick: “The Most Realistic Putting Green” (Video)

by Joseph
The Only Green

The Only Green

Decades of films and television shows have taught us that the only true mark of a successful businessman is having a small indoor putting green in one’s office. And The Only Green from Brunswick is reserved only for the most successful businessman, billed by the company as “the most realistic putting green in the world.”

The Only Green comes in a wide variety of modular, customizable sizes (Ross, Maxwell, Old Tom, MacDonald, Tillinghast, and Mackenzie), each one more elaborate and realistic than the last, but they’re all handcrafted and topped with an ultra-realistic putting green surface. One thing is for sure: It’s a definite upgrade over the traditional strip of green felt and overturned drinking glass.

The Only Green by Brunswick starts at a successful-businessman-worthy $3,795 for the smallest version and goes all the way up to $11,295 for the largest. You can get a lot more information at Brunswick’s website here, and watch a video about The Only Green below.



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