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The Office References Always Play

by Kevin Nardone

Taylor Swift is one of those celebrities who people can’t seem to decide on.

Of course, she has a rabid fan base, a.k.a. “The Swifties” who are borderline Twitter terrorists, running buck-wild on anyone who dares besmirch Taylor’s good name.

She has also accumulated a decent number of detractors over the years, like anyone who is in the spotlight for that long would.

But her and Rainn Wilson had a back and forth on Twitter that surely both sides can meet in the middle on.

There is something humanizing when a megastar like T-Swift tweets out a Gif from The Office. The stars! They are just like us!

You know, except for the fact she is having a back and forth with the former star of the show. Either way.

A quality moment on a website that has turned into more of a battleground over the past couple years. More moments like this and who knows, Twitter might actually become fun again.

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