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“The NOW Experience”: Mercedes-Benz Releases Live Film (Video)

by Joseph
The NOW Experience

The NOW Experience

There are some unscrupulous people out there who are describing “The NOW Experience” as “the world’s first live TV commercial,” starting with the marketing people at Mercedes-Benz, which put out the commercial. There’s only one problem with this: back in the early days of television all commercials were live, which makes this claim disingenuous at best.

Of course, no Ernie Kovacs or Jack Parr live commercial matched “The NOW Experience” in terms of technical ambition: For this 12-hour advertisement, Mercedes-Benz “created a film in real-time from lives scenes from around the world.” It was all in service of the company’s new Electric Intelligence project, but it’s an accomplishment in the field of advertising that’s worthwhile, even if you’re not in the market for an electric Mercedes.

You can get more information on Electric Intelligence at the official M-B site right here, but unfortunately it looks like all that’s left of “The NOW Experience” is the one-minute compilation below—probably a good thing, since even on President’s Day most people don’t have 12 hours to watch a Mercedes-Benz ad.


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