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The Not Yorker: A Repository for Rejected ‘New Yorker’ Covers

by Joseph
The Not Yorker

The Not Yorker

You don’t have to read The New Yorker from cover to cover every week to appreciate the magazine’s, uh, covers. So it should come as no surprise that even the reject pile has some pretty good stuff – so good that Peter Ryan, Chris Gash, and Jack Dylan, three illustrators who have submitted work to the magazine for long periods started a site devoted to those rejects called The Not Yorker.

The Not Yorker collects rejected New Yorker cover illustrations by a slew of artists who have been rejected by the magazine. It accepts submissions of same, which opens up the possibility of a great recursive scenario: The Not Not Yorker, for illustrations that were rejected by both The New Yorker and The Not Yorker.

Anyway, before I let my imagination get too carried away along those lines, you can check out The Not Yorker, which isn’t officially affiliated with The New Yorker, right here.

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