Home Entertainment ‘The Night Of’: Trailer Drops for HBO Crime Miniseries (Video)

‘The Night Of’: Trailer Drops for HBO Crime Miniseries (Video)

by Joseph
The Night Of

The Night Of

The next premium cable crime sensation, if my prediction is correct, will likely be The Night Of. It’s got a lot going for it, right out of the gate: It’s on HBO, for one, and it’s scripted by Richard Price of The Wire and Clockers, for two. It stars John Turturro and Michael K. Williams, for three. And for four, the recently-released trailer for the series is, to put it mildly, intriguing.

The Night Of is actually a remake of a British series entitled Criminal Justice, and it will be in the somewhat British tradition of the miniseries rather than a proper TV series that could go on indefinitely (although don’t be shocked if a follow-up happens should this be a smash). It’s about a young Pakistani-American man who has evidently committed murder…but has he?

You can make your guess after you see the trailer for The Night Of below. The eight episode miniseries comes to HBO on July 10th, and you can read a little bit more about it at the show’s official HBO site right here.

Here’s the trailer:



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