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The Nick Box: A Crate of Nickelodeon Stuff Delivered to Your Door (Video)

by Joseph
The Nick Box

The Nick Box

The trends of rabid 90s nostalgia and subscription-based box services have finally intersected with The Nick Box, a new such service that gives you a box full of classic Nickelodeon goodies four times a year. What kind of goodies? Here’s a rundown of what was included in the Summer 2017 box:


  • TMNT Popsicle Vinyl: Gone are the days of melted popsicles and green shirt stains.
  • Hey Arnold Bobble Head: “Move it, Bobble Head!”
  • Conglom-O Koozie: They may own you, but at least they’re keeping your drink cool.
  • Retro T-Shirt: Remember these guys from Nick’s famous commercial breaks?
  • Spongebob Hat and Spatula: Turn your kitchen into the Krusty Krab!
  • Drink Tumbler:Your favorite duo is here to hold your drink.
  • Mini Bean Bag Toys:Which Nick character will catch your beanbag??
  • Chip Clips:The Real Monsters are scaring the air out of your chip bags.
  • Gerald Planter: Urban legend has it that plants grow better in this planter than in any others.
  • Spike Plush: Tommy’s favorite animal friend can be yours too!

Every box included in The Nick Box program is full of items crafted and designed by “Nick experts” who know exactly how to make you feel like it’s 1992 and you’re blowing off homework. Here’s a video of the aforementioned Summer 2017 Nick Box being unopened in all its glory:

To sign up to get the next one, head over to The Nick Box’s official site right here.

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