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‘The New Yorker’ Puts President Kanye West on Cover

by Joseph
The New Yorker Kanye Cover

The New Yorker Kanye Cover

When Kanye West announced his intention to run for president in 2020 at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, a lot of people responded by laughing him off. But at least one serious journalistic institution is getting a head start against the competition by putting what a Kanye presidential victory might look like on the cover of their upcoming issue – The New Yorker.

I’m not enough of a scholar to know if this is the first time a rapper has appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, but it couldn’t have happened very often, if ever – and besides, Kanye isn’t appearing on the cover in his capacity as a rapper, he’s appearing as a politician and future king of the world, so I’m not even sure if it counts anyway.

The New Yorker‘s Kanye West cover image is based on the famous “Dewey Beats Truman” photo, and introduces a cover story about the parallels between West and another young guy that no one thought could be president: Harry Truman. Maybe we have to suffer through four years of Trump to get to eight years of Kanye, which in my opinion is a worthy trade-off.

You can preview the cover story here, and keep your eyes peeled for the issue to hit newsstands soon.

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