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‘The Muppets’ TV Return Trailer Drops (Video)

by Joseph
The Muppets

The Muppets

It’s a good time to be a fan of the Muppets, since they’ve not only had two recent big-screen outings, but now they’re coming back to prime time TV on ABC. The show is called The Muppets, and it’s a felt-based take on the overdone mockumentary sitcom trend, following Kermit and company’s behind-the-scenes personal lives as they try to put together … a new prime time TV show for ABC.

If the recently released trailer for the show can be trusted to reflect its quality, it looks pretty funny, and in typical Muppets fashion it’s being advertised as something for adults and kids to watch and enjoy together (unless those adults are uncomfortable with their kids hearing Kermit the Frog say “hell”).

The Muppets is coming to ABC this fall, but for now you’ll have to content yourself with the trailer below. And for more on the show, you can take a look at its official page on ABC’s website right here.

Here’s the trailer:


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