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The Muncher Titanium Multi-Utensil

by Joseph
The Muncher

The Muncher

I think just about how everyone remembers where they were when they first appreciated the ingenuity of the spork. Here’s a utensil that provides the functionalities of both the spoon and the fork, without sacrificing anything of note from either. Well, prepare to have that precious memory replaced with something even more important, because you’re about to learn about The Muncher.

Not only does The Muncher contain a spork-like utensil head, but myriad other functions as well, including a serrated knife, potato peeler, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, plybar, box cutter, and more. And it’s also built from an aerospace-grade titanium that blows the spork’s usual plastic completely out of the water on every front.

The only advantage the poor spork has over The Muncher is in price, being available for free at your local KFC. But you get what you pay for, and The Muncher is priced at $35 and up at its Kickstarter listing right here.

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