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9 of the Most Expensive Suits in the World

by Esteban

most expensive suits

We’ve all seen films and television shows in which some pretentious snob condescendingly says to the likable protagonist, “this is a $4,000 suit.” It’s such a common line because there’s no better way to show how much of a jerk somebody is than to have them indicate their belief that they are better than someone because they wear expensive clothes.

Well anyway, after doing a little research for today’s list I’ve learned that the best rejoinder to such snobby pricks would be, “Seriously? Four grand? What are you, a hobo?” Because you see, in the world of luxury fabrics and tailoring, $4,000 is a drop in the bucket. There are suits out there made from the rarest fabrics and stitched entirely by hand that cost more—much more—than your car. They make Zegna look like a discount brand.

So let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculously expensive suits in the world. If you happen to be filthy rich, maybe you’d like to buy and and where it while you drive your insanely expensive car to the airport to hop on your private jet that’s whisking you away for a little getaway at some luxurious resort.

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