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The Minimalist: A Watch Collection From Original Grain

by Joseph
The Minimalist

The Minimalist

Crowdfunded watch brand Original Grain has become known since its inception in 2013 for unusual watches, but they’ve outdone themselves with their latest collection, entitled The Minimalist. That’s an extremely appropriate name, not just because of the sleek visual design of the watches in the collection, but because they have the purportedly thinnest bezel in the world.

That would be 1.7mm, which puts all the watches in The Minimalist collection in their own special strata. The watches in question are black, matte black, gold, rose gold and chrome style options, and for each one sold ten new trees will be planted somewhere on Earth courtesy of charitable organization Trees For The Future.

If you feel like adding The Minimalist to your watch collection and adding a little more life-giving oxygen to the atmosphere in the bargain, you can do some shopping at the Original Grain here, where all the watches in the collection are priced at just under $150.

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