Home Entertainment ‘The Magic Order’: Netflix’s First Comic Book Series (Trailer)

‘The Magic Order’: Netflix’s First Comic Book Series (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Magic Order

The Magic Order

It figures that Netflix wouldn’t be content just to control the TV and movies we watch, and that it would try to encroach on our comic book diets as well. Enter The Magic Order, a Netflix original comic book series from from Mark Millar, whose Millarworld comic brand was recently purchased by the streaming service. It’s about magicians and wizards and whatnot, and Millar had some words for fans about the value of copies of the comic:

“We want to get back to that crazy, exciting time where a first printing really meant something too and create a real collectibility here with NO SECOND PRINTINGS. We love the idea of making this genuinely sought after. So after inventory on the first and only print run is depleted, there will be no additional printings. That said, we’re very, very sure this is going to sell out.”

Check out the trailer for The Magic Order below. And the series hits your local comic shop, not Netflix, on June 13th.

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