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‘The Lion King’ is Getting a Live-Action Remake

by Joseph
The Lion King

The Lion King

Most of the candidates for live-action remakes in the Disney canon seem to have one thing in common: They all have at least one human character. That would appear to exclude The Lion King, but Disney recently announced a live-action remake of that very film, directed, like this year’s The Jungle Book, by Jon Favreau.

This is where the term “live-action” begins to seem a little absurd, since unless Disney plans to use real animals to mount their new production of The Lion King, this will be almost as animated as the original film—just by computers instead of traditional animators. Also like Jungle Book, the new film will reportedly retain familiar songs from the original version.

The Lion King is probably the most revered of all the Disney animated films in 2016, so a remake will have a harder job than usual living up to the original. Whether or not they follow through and make it, we’ll just have to wait and see.  You can expect more details about the project to be made available sometime in the future.


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