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‘The LEGO Architect’ Highlights Realistic LEGO Structures

by Joseph
The LEGO Architect

The LEGO Architect

Just a few days ago I wrote up the Arckit, and I characterized it as essentially being “like LEGO for grownups.” But this was actually an even more unfair generalization than I realized, since as it turns out, there’s a thriving sub-subculture of serious LEGO architecture already in place – and it’s that culture that is the subject for a new book entitled The LEGO Architect.

The LEGO Architect features photographs of LEGO models emulating various real-world architectural styles like Art Deco, futurism, and more. It also features instructions on how to build 12 different models from the book yourself, using LEGO’s Architecture sets that incidentally happen to be the best-selling products in the LEGO product line.

The book doesn’t come out until September, but you can pre-order The LEGO Architect from Amazon right here for under twenty bucks. And to all the LEGO architects out there: I’m sorry for underestimating you.

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