Home Entertainment ‘The Jungle Book’ Live-Action Reboot Gets Teaser (Video)

‘The Jungle Book’ Live-Action Reboot Gets Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

One of Disney‘s many new reliable revenue streams is to take their beloved animated classics and re-purpose them into live action movies, which seems to be the approach they’re taking with the upcoming movie The Jungle Book. A teaser for the movie recently hit the internet, so you can get your first taste of this new version of the adventures of Mowgli and his animal friends/predators.

The Jungle Book‘s first teaser trailer puts a heavy emphasis on action-adventure, but there are a couple allusions to the original animated movie’s classic songs – Scarlet Johansson’s Kaa utters the famous “trust in me” lyric (albeit not in song), and Bill Murray’s Baloo the bear is heard whistling some of “The Bare Necessities” at the very end of the trailer.

You can watch teaser trailer number one for Disney’s upcoming The Jungle Book below. For more, head over to the movie’s official page on Facebook right here.

Here’s the teaser:

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