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‘The Interview’ Will Be Released on Christmas After All

by Joseph
The Interview

The Interview

Many years from now, you’ll be telling your children and grandchildren about the time Sony faced off against North Korea over The Interview. And now, the latest chapter of that historical saga has been written, with Sony agreeing to a limited theatrical release on Christmas Day.

Details on the escape of The Interview from the clutches of tyranny, like whether or not national theater chains like AMC and Regal are still refusing to book the film, are still hazy. But at least two exhibitors, the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas and the Plaza Atlanta in Georgia will be screening the movie, presumably with more to follow in their lead.

There are also rumors of a VOD release for The Interview, which would be an interesting development just from an industry standpoint, as both theaters and studios have been reluctant to embrace VOD for high-profile releases. You can read a little more about the story over at Variety here, and keep your eyes peeled for more news on where/how you’ll be able to see The Interview in the coming days.

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