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The Internet Arcade: 900-Title Browser-Playable Video Game Library

by Joseph
The Internet Arcade

The Internet Arcade

If you grew up in the golden age of video arcades, or if you’ve only read about it, it’s easy to think that for every Pac-Man or Donkey Kong there are hundreds of games that have gone practically extinct, rendered obscure and forgotten by a few measly decades. And while that’s definitely true, it’s a little less true now that The Internet Arcade exists.

The Internet Arcade is a library of 900 coin-operated video games that you can play emulations of on your browser. It’s a product of the invaluable Internet Archive, and the aim of the project is to provide users a historical library of titles ranging from the iconic to the obscure.  But since these are video games we’re talking about, you can have a pretty addictive time “studying” this particular part of our recent cultural history.

You can check out The Internet Arcade here, but beware: You could use big chunks of time exploring the available games before you know it, so you might want to make sure you’re caught up at work first. Or not.

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