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The Hundreds x ‘Animaniacs’ Collection Teased

by Joseph
The Hundreds x Animaniacs

The Hundreds x Animaniacs

First The Hundreds launched a collaborative collection with Roger Rabbit, and now the brand appears to be doing the same with the Warner Bros (and Warner Sis.). A recent Instagram post by Bobby Hundreds would seem to indicate that a The Hundreds x Animaniacs collection is in the works.

For those readers who are either too young or too old to remember Animaniacs, it was an animated series from the mid 90s that sought to emulate the wild, anarchic feel of classic Warner Bros. animation, and this is just my opinion but more or less did so – even if it went a little heavy on the timely pop culture references. As for The Hundreds x Animaniacs, one can assume it will be another apparel collection – so if you’ve been hoping to own a GoodFeathers baseball cap, this might be your chance.

More info on The Hundreds x Animaniacs collection will hit in a week, according to the Bobby Hundreds Instagram post right here. Those are the facts!

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