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The HotTug Mobile Hot Tub (Photos)

by Joseph

Maybe I just have a filthy mind but I’m actually relieved to learn that the product called HotTug is a mobile hot tub and not whatever it was I was thinking. It’s a portmanteau of “hot tub” and “tugboat,” and as you might imagine it’s a hot tub you can either tug behind another boat or sail across the water on its own.

The HotTug works thanks to a quiet electric motor, but the water is kept hot by a wood-powered stove, making this an interesting blend of the old and the new. It takes 2 hours to fill, but I imagine if you’ve got the money to get a mobile hot tub, you’ve also got 2 hours to spare.

But even if you don’t have enough money to buy a HotTug (they start at $21,000), you can rent one in certain destinations – you can see where at the HotTug website here. And for absolutely nothing you can see some photos of the HotTug in action in the gallery up top, so enjoy.

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