Home Tech & Gear ‘The Golden Apple’ Macintosh 128k Replica (Video)

‘The Golden Apple’ Macintosh 128k Replica (Video)

by Joseph
The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple

Apple founder Steve Jobs was famous for thinking of his computers and other tech products as works of art, and now Love Hulten Design has whipped up a replica of the company’s inaugural outing, the Macintosh 128k (originally the Apple Macintosh), that does right by that vision. It’s called The Golden Apple.

The Golden Apple is crafted from American Walnut by hand but to the exact specifications of the molded-plastic original. Despite its retro design, this isn’t just a display piece or old-fashioned toy – its innards are an up-to-date Mac Mini with the original Apple computer’s floppy disc drive replaced with a DVD-R slot, and an LCD in place of the original’s cathode tube screen.

It was just a custom job for a specific client, but you can check out The Golden Apple in all of its splendor in the video below, as well as at Love Hulten’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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