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‘The Godfather’ Script-to-Screen Analysis From Glass Distortion (Video)

by Joseph
the godfather

the godfather

Earlier this year, The Godfather Notebook gave fans of Francis Ford Coppola’s revered classic the chance to delve into the world of the movie like never before, and now we’re seeing the fruits of the resultant creative inspiration starting with a script-to-screen analysis of the famous Italian restaurant execution scene in The Godfather from Glass Distortion.

Glass Distortion‘s The Godfather script-to-screen analysis overlays Coppola’s screenplay with the scene in question, as well as excerpts from Coppola’s own audio commentary on the recently restored version of the movie. The result lets you see the mechanics of making such a tense, suspenseful, and memorable seen work so well, educationally and entertainingly.

You can see it for yourself by watching the video below, and you can see more stuff at Glass Distortion’s Vimeo portfolio right here. And if you haven’t seen The Godfather yet: I mean, come on, what are you even doing?

Here’s the video:

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