Home Entertainment ‘The Godfather Epic’: Re-Edited Version of ‘Godfather’ Movies Now on HBO (Video)

‘The Godfather Epic’: Re-Edited Version of ‘Godfather’ Movies Now on HBO (Video)

by Joseph
The Godfather Epic

The Godfather Epic

If you’ve got a spare seven hours coming to you any time soon, you may want to give them up to the Corleone family, since a new version of their quintessentially American saga is on HBO. It’s called The Godfather Epic, a chronological re-edit of The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, remastered from a project first commissioned for television back in the 70s.

The Godfather Epic has much of the same DNA as the earlier The Godfather: A Novel For Television, but without that version’s commercial breaks and censored sex and violence. It also includes a boatload of additional footage never before seen in the theatrical versions of the two films.

You can watch a trailer for The Godfather Epic below. And to watch the whole thing, be on the lookout for it on HBO throughout the month of January and on HBO’s various OnDemand services, such as HBO GO.

Here’s the trailer:

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