Home Entertainment ‘The Gifted’: New X-Men Spinoff Show Gets Teaser (Video)

‘The Gifted’: New X-Men Spinoff Show Gets Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
The Gifted

The Gifted

Fox is evidently going forward with their plan to squeeze as much franchise potential as they can from the X-Men intellectual property, turning their sights to both the big screen and the small. First it was Legion, and now The Gifted, a new mutant drama from Bryan Singer, architect of the original X-Men movies, and which now has a teaser online.

The Gifted is about a suburban family who discover that the children are, uh, gifted, and not the kind of gifted that means you’re reading above your grade level. Due to anti-mutant discrimination they have to go underground and join a mutant resistance movement – but none of that is in the teaser, which is more focused on superpowers than plot over the course of its slim 20 seconds:

The Gifted will have an official full-length trailer up on May 15h, so stay tuned to the Fox YouTube channel here for that. And the show itself comes to Fox sometime this fall.

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