Home Entertainment ‘The Ghost Box’: New Horror Anthology Edited by Patton Oswalt

‘The Ghost Box’: New Horror Anthology Edited by Patton Oswalt

by Joseph
The Ghost Box

The Ghost Box

People nowadays tend to focus on scary movies for Halloween, and even though I love scary movies as much as the next ghoul, but let’s remember to give it up to another important component of any well rounded Halloween: The short story. The Ghost Box is a new anthology of spooky stories from a wide variety of authors, edited and introduced by comedian Patton Oswalt. Here’s a list of the included authors:

  • H. F. Arnold
  • Dennis Etchison
  • Adam Corbin Fusco
  • W. F. Harvey
  • Arthur Machen
  • George R. R. Martin
  • Richard Matheson
  • Michael Reaves
  • Al Sarrantonio
  • Clark Ashton Smith
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

That’s likely enough to make The Ghost Box a worthwhile purchase, but the stories are also bound in individual volumes,  packaged in a handsome, handmade matte black box with an “iridescent colour-shifting foil stamp on top” and a magnetized lid. Get your copy at the H&O online store here, where the collection is priced at $40.


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