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The Get Together: Kingston Sound System From House of Marley (Video)

by Joseph
House of Marley The Get Together Speaker (Photo via SuperFi)

Kingston Sound System

Jamaican music has had a huge influence on not just the artistic side of music culture all over the world, but how we technologically listen to music as well. It was Jamaican artists and technicians who pioneered what would become to be known as sampling, as well as the kind of big and powerful speakers that are commonplace today. To commemorate that tradition, House of Marley has released The Get Together, a Bluetooth speaker that’s billed as a “Kingston Sound System” by the company.

The Get Together packs a lot of power in a small package, with 3.5-inch output woofers that are supposed to “fill a room with sound.” It also connects to pretty much any music source thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, which can also be used for broadcasting live music to other points on the globe.

House of Marley is committed to sustainable production whenever possible, so The Get Together Kingston Sound System is cased in natural bamboo, which also gives it a charmingly retro look. For more information, you can head to House of Marley’s website here, and there’s a cool promotional video about the speaker from filmmaker Wonford St. James and featuring legendary selector Albert “iLawi” Johnson below.



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