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The Furies: Throwing Knives From BCX

by Joseph
The Furies by BCX

The Furies by BCX

When was the last time you threw a knife? There aren’t a lot of contexts in modern day life in which throwing a knife is appropriate, but in case you do have an environment in which you can throw knives, BCX has a pretty slick set for you.

They’re called The Furies, and they include two old-fashioned throwing knives and one cutting-edge Pro X Thrower, all constructed from high carbon steel, so you don’t have to worry about any of them falling apart on you. And the set comes in a heavy-duty canvas roll with leather pockets and straps. Honestly, why would you want to buy any other set of throwing knives?

So if you’re interested in getting into the throwing knife game, or you want to stage your own Knives of the Avenger remake, just head to BCX’s online store here, where The Furies are now priced at about $415.

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