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The Frork: A Fast Food Innovation from McDonald’s

by Joseph
The Frork

The Frork

McDonald’s has a new line of “Signature Crafted” sandwiches, and to promote it they have gone down the illustrious infomercial parody route, enlisting famous TV pitchman and friend of the late Billy Mays (RIP), Anthony Sullivan, to unveil The Frork, a French fry utensil for sopping up those “topping droppings” that tend to take place when eating a generously proportioned sandwich.

It’s all a huge joke, but that hasn’t stopped McDonald’s from actually designing and producing The Frork, even going so far as to start a hotline for people to call if they want to get a free one. I imagine it’s already gotten its 100 calls, but you can get more details on the product in the video below—which also happens to be a genuinely funny little comedy sketch:


If you’re not sick of the joke yet, you can head over to The Frork’s official site here. (Not compatible with French fries from Burger King, Arby’s, Sonic, or any other non-McDonald’s fast food eatery)

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