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The Frame: Samsung’s New TV Doubles as an Art Piece

by Joseph
Samsung The Frame

Samsung The Frame

For decades the debate over whether television counts as art has raged, but now Samsung is putting an end to it in the way nobody expected. They’re doing it with The Frame, one of their new line of HDTVs that features an “Art Mode” with the user’s choice of at least a hundred images in digital high-resolution.

When The Frame is in Art Mode, guests will be hard-pressed to recognize that it’s a TV at all, thanks to its slim, picture frame-like design (which also happens to be where it gets its name, in case you were worried about your new TV arranging for you to be thrown in prison for a crime you didn’t commit). Samsung has also developed features like Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall Mount, to avoid spoiling the picture frame illusion with any unsightly cords or wires.

Prices on the new Samsung HDTV start at $2,799, and you can get more information on the whole thing, including The Frame, at Samsung’s press release right here.

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