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‘The Foreigner’: Jackie Chan is a Dad Out for Revenge (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Foreigner

The Foreigner

In the future, every action star will portray a grieving and/or furious father out for revenge for 15 minutes. For now we still have feature-length movies, though, and the latest figure to apply this template to his work is international action star Jackie Chan, who stars as the pissed off father in The Foreigner against Pierce Brosnan.

Brosnan is a politician with ties to the IRA, while Chan is the dad whose daughter is killed by a terrorist bombing. This probably won’t be a particularly nuanced film politically, though, as the trailer for The Foreigner focuses on the numerous opportunities Chan has to kick ass and blow stuff up.

Watch the trailer for The Foreigner below. The film comes out on October 13th, and in the meantime you may want to stay tuned to the STX Entertainment YouTube channel here for any more promotional material that might drop between now and then.

Here’s the trailer:

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