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The Flying Frenchies: Daredevil Troupe Releases New Video

by Joseph
The Flying Frenchies

The Flying Frenchies

It’s Election Day in the United States, but it’s important to remember our brethren across the ocean, particularly when they’re BASE jumping and engaging in extreme surfing stunts for the amusement of viewers all over the world. I’m talking about The Flying Frenchies, a group of daredevil adventurers who recently released their latest video to the world.

The Flying Frenchies might not be voting today, but they are able to “surf” over a zipline suspended more than 2000 feet in the air. Then there’s the BASE jumping from an equally unfathomable height. Altogether, the experience is almost as impressive as representative democracy in action.

You can see The Flying Frenchies in action below, courtesy of Red Bull. For more cool action sports video stuff from that energy drink brand, head over to the official Red Bull YouTube channel right here. And whether you engage in extreme feats or not, don’t forget to go vote if you haven’t already.

Here’s the video:

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